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Issue 2013-05 Betonwerk Vorderbrüggen

From a brickworks to a modern precast concrete plant

The company founded by Bernhard Vorderbrüggen senior in Verl in Germany that started with the manufacture of pit-fired bricks early 1888 has evolved into a long-lasting success story: Betonwerk...

Issue 2012-03

Textured fair-faced concrete façade for the retail industry

In Siegen (Germany) a Lidl supermarket was built, which in particular distinguishes itself from other branches of the retail chain in one aspect: the façade is provided with a textured fair-faced...

Issue 2012-07

Indian textile business enters the precast sector

The Chennai Silks (TCS) started out in the 1960s. Back then, the company produced textiles at its own weaving factory and sold them in the cities of Tirupur and Madurai. Within a period of 50 years,...

Issue 2012-08

CRH buys Finnish concrete business

Finland’s Lemminkäinen has signed an agreement to sell all outstanding shares in its concrete business to Rudus, which is part of Ireland-based materials giant CRH. Rudus is based in Finland and...

Issue 2009-11

November 2009