Iverna 2000

Manhole steps and fixed ladders for precast elements

The Spanish company Iverna 2000 S.L. is a producer of a large range of manhole steps, offering 45 different models, adapted to every necessity such as drinking water, non-potable water, harbors and mountain. Almost 30 years of experience in the construction and safety equipment sector endorses Iverna 2000 and his clients, who rely on the quality, service and closeness that the supplier has ever provided.

Iverna 2000, located in Zaragoza, produces with top-quality materials such as non-recycled polypropylene copolymer and calibrated steel core inside of 65 kg/mm2, so that it is ensured that every manhole step fully complies with the European standard 13101, testing them in the company‘s own quality laboratory.


One of the biggest manhole steps developed

Recently, Iverna 2000 has developed one of the biggest manhole steps in the world. In detail, these are the 400CR & 400CR-Plus. The particular feature of this step is the 400mm length just as the universal stairs of a regular ladder, because they think that safety and comfort in confined spaces should be necessary, just like in any other sector. Moreover, the 400CR is the only manhole step that exceed and surpass the quality tests and standards established by the Law of Prevention of Labor Risks and Royal Decree 486/1997 for safety and health in the workplace. Iverna 2000 is pushing the Spanish market and little by little public water consortiums are installing the 400CR in their sewage system with remarkable results.

Currently, the manhole steps are present worldwide thanks to distributors strategically chosen. Iverna 2000 has installed the manhole steps in many sewage systems across the world: Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Qatar, Algeria, Cyprus, Germany, Poland and so on.

To complement their range of manhole steps, Iverna 2000 also manufactures handhold entry poles, flexible safety ladders, fiberglass fixed ladders, portable forced ventilation equipment for confined spaces and a unique anti-theft solution for manhole covers (Fundilock).

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