Joint forms and associated techniques for repairing and sealing concrete expansion joints

(10) US 2019/0390418 Al

(22) 18.06.2019

(43) 26.12.2019

(57) A joint form is positioned in a damaged expansion joint to allow both sides of the joint to be repaired at the same time. The joint form remains as a permanent part of the repair, which avoids the time consuming convertional process of removing temporary forms, cleaning the repaired surfaces, and inserting an elastomeric seal into the expansion joint. Type 0 joint forms include a block-seal laminate indluding a foam block layer (e.g., closed-cell polyethylene) laminated to an upper elastomeric seal layer (e.g., closed-dell neoprene) without a stiffener board. Typ-1 joint forms include a block-seal laminate with a stiffener board. (e.g., fiberglass reinforced plastic or FRP) adhered to one side of the block-seal laminate. Type 2 joint forms include a pair of block-seal laminate panels on either side of a central stiffener board bonded to one side laminated to an upper seal layer. Joint forms may also be utilized to seal undamaged expansion joints.

(71) Glenn Robinson, Camden, AL (US)

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