Modulo Béton

Innovative recycling collection point

At the end of May, the second Modulo recycling center for Germany was opened in the German city of Bad Schwartau near the well-known Hanseatic city of Lübeck. The 70 concrete modules were assembled within only two construction days.

The client, the special-purpose organization Zweckverband Ostholstein, had decided on a modular solution consisting of a mix of press containers in the front and containers arranged in a herringbone pattern. Different platform levels provide flexible and customer-friendly user areas for private and commercial customers. The arrangement on different levels does not interfere with the delivery and collection of the containers.

Ecologically and economically expedient

Integrated in the recycling concept is a controlled and hazardous waste collection point with special storage facilities for problematic materials. The space below the platform offers additional possibilities for accommodating storage facilities, offices and workshops. Large areas on ground level are available for receiving bulk material of different size.

Taking the fluctuating waste quantities into consideration in this beautiful holiday region, a flexible, ecological and economical project has been implemented.

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