Betonmarketing Deutschland

Innovation platform on 1,000 m2

At the Bau 2015 trade show in Munich, Betonmarketing Deutschland, jointly with 15 partner companies, will showcase on a stand measuring 1,000 m² current developments revolving around the topics of sustainability, energy efficiency, design and innovation.

The material synthesis TouchCrete is based on the development of an innovative electrically conductive concrete and its design with a touch-sensitive surface. The concrete recognizes  and localizes touch and intuitive gestures, such as, for example, wiping and tipping. A control unit then processes these signals and transmits them to control commands for connected equipment.

Energy generating concrete

DysCrete is an innovative process approach to photoreactive functionalization of concrete surfaces. It is based on the technical principles of a dye sensitized solar cell (DYSC). A special coating with emplaced photoreactive dye molecules enables the concrete, as substrate, to produce solar currents.

Concrete core activation is an important topic in the context of sustainable building at the BAU. Energy efficiency is one of the central design criteria in building construction. Since concrete has an excellent heat storage capacity it is well suited as storage, buffer and transport medium for heat.

The stand features a walk-in building model with heating and cooling function. In addition, visitors can inform themselves about the time-tested design atlas for building construction, a software program for eco-balancing of buildings and a wide range of architectural concrete surfaces.

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