Innovation: Primo Schalfix

Primo GmbH based in Waldkraiburg has developed another accessory tool, brought it to the market and applied a patent for the tool meant for the concrete placement process of concrete floors: The new „Schalfix“ formwork element allows for realizing recesses in concrete floors in a time- and cost-saving manner. Anyway, individual and flexible handling is no problem at all. Hence, the production, assembly and disposal of elaborate wood or Styrofoam formwork is now a thing of the past.

„Schalfix“ of Primo combines a lot of advantages in a simple, but very useful tool: If, so far, time-consuming and expensive formwork elements for recesses in floor slabs had to be produced, assembled and then disposed of again, with the „Schalfix“ formwork element, Primo offers a flexible, fast and cost-effective solution for various applications. In a matter of seconds „Schalfix“ can be folded to a large box made of waterproof PP HNP plastic measuring 140 mm x 160 mm – which is delivered space-saving and thus storage-friendly. The formwork parts are pre-punched, thus allowing for quick folding.

 For floor thickness of between 130 mm and 230 mm

And this is how it works: The outer part of the two-piece „Schalfix“ element is either glued with hot glue or nailed onto the formwork directly. When used at the precast plant, instead, it can be fastened to the formwork with a 60-millimeter magnet. Afterward, the inner part is inserted from above and is connected to the outer part by means of four screws. Now, the insertion of transverse bars and reinforcement as well as concreting takes place. When being manufactured at the precast plant, the floor slabs are now installed and assembled on the construction site. Then, the screw connections must be loosened again in order to pull the inner part up to the desired floor thickness of between 130 mm and 230 mm and to fasten the two parts again subsequently. The screws also seal the „Schalfix“ element against ingress of concrete. The floor is now completely cast with concrete and hardening, the waterproof plastic cap prevents a wet building shell. After use, the 100 percent recyclable and pH neutral „Schalfix“ element can be easily removed and disposed of.

Compared to conventional formwork made from other materials, „Schalfix“ achieves time savings of about an hour. If the respective material costs are added up, „Schalfix“ helps to save more than 70 % in total. In case of five recesses per house, the „Schalfix“ element provides for significant time and cost savings and the correspondingly smooth construction process increases the added value additionally.

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