Hydrophobic and Superhydrophobic ­Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composites

Strain-hardening cement-based composites (SHCC) can be a good candidate for use in critical infrastructure elements that require extended lifetimes. However, depending on the composition of the matrix and fiber content, SHCC can have a relatively high deterioration due to freeze-thaw attack. The use of hydrophobic or superhydrophobic (HSH) admixtures that are intended to generate air voids whose size and distribution can be tailored can enhance the performance of SHCC.

The strength and durability of transportation and civil infrastructure, especially concrete highway pavements and bridges, are essential for maintaining a high level of freight and passenger movement throughout the country.Concrete pavements and bridges are susceptible to many forms of degradation. In northern climates, freezing and thawing cycles along with the detrimental effects of de-icing chemicals cause the deterioration of concrete and the need for repair or complete replacement of these infrastructure elements. Concrete and cementitious materials that are capable of enduring harsh...

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