Current execution recommendations

Further development and modification of the regulatory framework for parking decks

The ad-hoc group “Durability of vehicle-trafficked parking decks” agreed to develop a general system of classification for the regulations on the durability of vehicle-trafficked areas, consisting of a draft standard and notes for Heft 600 as well as details for the DBV Guide of good practice “Parking structures and underground garages.”

The German Committee for Structural Concrete (DAfStb) intends, as announced in [1], to submit to the German Standards Committee NABau a modification proposal for the National Annex to DIN EN 1992-1-1 (Eurocode 2, [2]). This proposal provides for substituting,...

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Initial experiences and design notes

For the design and realization of parking structures, the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology (Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein) had issued the Code of Practice on...

Issue 2018-02 Part 2: Design and construction

The new DAfStb Guideline on UHPC

The design and construction part of the DAfStb Guideline on UHPC replicates the structure of EN 1992-1-1. The verification methods are based on the design principles for reinforced and prestressed...

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CarDeck Professional TF for parking structures subjected to high loading conditions

Vehicle traffic, temperature and moisture fluctuations as well as the aggressive de-icing salts in winter expose parking structures to special mechanical and chemical loading. The parking decks of...

Issue 2018-02 The new DafStb WP Code of Practice:

Concept, notes, and recommendations for design and technical execution

In the past, concrete constructions impermeable to water were primarily designed with restricted crack width, with the objective of enabling self-healing of the designed separating cracks. However,...

Issue 2015-02 Composite floors made with lightweight aggregate and normal weight concrete

New design model for shear resistance

Reinforced concrete members without shear reinforcement are calculated using a semi-empirical model that builds up on the tooth model proposed by Reineck [1]. Significant contributions are made by the...