Floor Office Worldwide Conference in Belgium

Software developer I-Theses bvba from Belgium organized the Floor Office Conference on 18 and 19 March 2015 with the theme ‘Learn, Improve, Practice’. Approximately 50 guests from different European countries turned up for the session to find out about innovations from the software industry and about current EuroCode2 and BIM developments. User workshops on the second day of the event provided a practical conclusion to the programme.

Rony Verlee, CEO Sales and Marketing of I-Theses, welcomed his guests to the conference hotel for the inaugural Floor Office conference and gave a brief presentation about his company and its financial results for the past year. He looked back on the development of the company and provided an outlook on the future development of I-Theses as a global solution provider.

Lecture on the work of FIB, CEN and PCI

Stef Maas, Technical Manager of the Belgian Precast Concrete Federation (FEBE), reported in his lecture on the work of associations FIB, CEN and PCI. He introduced the individual working groups and explained their contents of activities. He also gave a detailed insight into the new FIB manual “Planning and design of reinforced concrete precast structures”.

Brecht Beirinckx, software developer and Lennie van de Keer, application engineer, illustrated the PreConSlab design software application and introduced the improvements using real life examples. They also gave an overview of future developments for PreConSlab.

Other, very interesting presentations from Simon Gillis, AEC Technical Sales Manager Auto­desk Northern Europe, about BIM and the live presentation showing how to ‘BIM’ with Floor Office applications, followed the above and supplemented the information package.

Floor Office software ­applications

On the second day, a user breakout led by Wouter Veelaert, CEO R&D of I-Theses, was on the agenda. For beginners, I-Theses organized at the same time a breakout to learn in detail by a live presentation about the Floor Office software applications.

At the end of the two-day conference, there was a visit to Echo Precast Engineering’s demonstration concrete works in Houthalen, Belgium. This demo factory, which became operational in early 2015, has the capacity to produce pre-stressed concrete floor slabs up to a maximum length of 50 m on a total of three production beds under completely realistic working conditions. The factory offers benefits for both the customer and Echo Precast Engineering. I-Theses supplied the software which controls the production processes for this factory.

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