Flat slabs with lattice girders according to European Technical Assessment

The safe manufacture of flat slabs made of precast slabs with lattice girders and in-situ concrete topping requires a tested and cost-effective design concept for the verification of the punching shear points. A European Technical Assessment has been issued for the Filigran punching shear reinforcement; the improved design approaches extend its application.

Flat slabs are manufactured cost-effectively from prefabricated slabs with lattice girders and a cast-in-situ concrete topping.The safe use of these precast slabs with in-situ topping as double-axis stressed slabs has been sufficiently proven through examinations; design rules exist for this [1]. The Filigran punching shear reinforcement was developed to increase the punching shear resistance of these floors (figure 1). The reinforcement, which resembles a lattice girder, is characterized by the fact that the loops on the top chord project and protrude into the layer of the upper flexural...

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