Fastening systems for thin concrete façade panels

Architects are increasingly focusing on thin, large-sized façade panels. Their modern appearance and low thickness open completely new possibilities in building design. These innovative panels are, moreover, relatively light. Their construction material features high technical quality and contains high-performance textile reinforcement: for example, Solidian instead of customary steel reinforcement.

With its FPA-SL30 fixing system, Halfen ensures that concrete façade elements of only 30 mm thickness are securely fastened to the loadbearing structure. The complete anchorage system has been approved since late 2018 by the relevant national building authorities.


Installation with FPA-SL30

For safe and convenient erection of its façade panels, Halfen offers the FPA-SL30 fixing system. The innovative principle involved makes use of the advantages of the proven FPA anchorage system. Thanks to its adjustability in all directions, the panels can be easily and quickly mounted. No sub-structure is required.

For erection, users need not prepare for major changes to the familiar FPA system. Consisting of panel anchors and horizontal anchors, the system is both economical and user-friendly.


New possibilities for application and flexible wall design

Light load application enables new application possibilities for concrete façade panels. Their low weight also makes their use interesting and cost-effective for rehabilitation projects. Compared to façade panels with steel reinforcement, they can reduce weight by about 70 %. This saves not only large quantities of concrete, but at the same time reduces loading onto the loadbearing structure.

The façade elements are designed for flexible use, which markedly reduces the cost of transport, cranes and assembly. Their thinness also enables inclusion of thicker insulation layers without reducing the usable floor areas of newbuilds. Or, seen the other way around: larger useable floor areas are possible with insulation of the same thickness.

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