EPDs for lightweight masonry blocks

Environmental impact as a state-of-the-art quality characteristic

The ongoing development of the construction sector is currently marked by a major trend, which is to establish a strategic approach to sustainability to strike a balance between its environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects. This applies particularly to the building materials and supplier industries. First, this trend is being stimulated by the changing political and legal framework, combined with related standardization efforts [1]. Second, the demand for assessing buildings from a sustainability standpoint – for instance by the DGNB label – is emerging at the same time, which...

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Methodologies for the assessment of the Global Warming Potential of biobased materials used in construction

The Global Warming Potential (GWP) is one of the impact categories for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a scientific method used to analyze the impacts of goods and services through their entire life...

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Sustainability-related quality of lightweight concrete masonry –

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Digital EPDs enabled by IBU.data

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