Fibrelite Composites

Durable and lightweight covers for concrete trenches

Fibrelite has partnered with precast concrete manufacturer Trenwa in the US and has released a new line of Fibrelite composite trench covers designed specifically for their precast concrete road crossing trench (available in both HS-20 and HS-25 load ratings). The Fibrelite trench covers are extremely durable yet lightweight and will withstand traffic and harsh field conditions for many years, as well as being non-conductive and chemically resistant. When combined with Trenwa’s concrete road bases they create an ergonomic, yet affordable system for drive-over areas. They are available for all of Trenwa’s road crossing trench products from 10“ wide to 48“ wide.

Fibrelite has manufacturing capabilities to design and manufacture highly engineered GRP composite access covers capable of withstanding 90 t and still easily and safely lifted.

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