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Issue 2010-03

Company Idat GmbH

Company Idat GmbH will present its innovative CAD solutions for precast concrete components at booth B1.124. Based on the industrial standard AutoCAD, program modules are available for planning and...

Issue 2013-07

Removable bedplate system for mobile factories of prefabricated concrete elements

(10) WO 2013/064707 Al (22) 29 .11.2011 (43) 10.05.2013 (71) PUENTES Y CALZADAS GRUPOS DE EMPRESAS, S.A. [ES/ES]; Ctra. De La Estacion, S/n, Sigüeiro, E-15888 La Coruiia (ES). (57) The present...

Issue 2010-10 Precast Floor Slabs

Semi-Precast Reinforced Concrete Components for Utmost Efficiency

The residential quarter „Seepark am Probstsee“ associates good accessibility with the proximity to nature: The about 450 residential units covering a floor area of 54,000 m2 are located between a...

Issue 2009-11

November 2009

Issue 2011-03 Parking garage made with prestressed floor slabs

An ambitious project at Audi AG

The elaborate overall concept required a number of extraordinary measures. For instance, it was required not to disturb the traffic flow of the district road going past the factory. Today, two new...