Concrete floor panel, method of production of such panel and floor made of this panel

(11) EP 3 719 229

(22) 12.03.2020

(43) 07.10.2020 Bulletin 2020/41

(57) The object of the invention is a concrete floor panel consisting of a structure made of plain concrete with reinforcement sunk inside and a part of lighter ma­terial than plain concrete, characterized in that the con­crete structure consists of plain concrete slab (3) where the reinforcement is in the form of prestressing elements (4), and at least two plain concrete beams (5) placed on the slab (3), wherein the beams (5) define at least one first space (6) on the slab (3), which is filled with a part of the lighter material (7) than plain concrete combined with plain concrete within the range of the first space (6) with a permanent chemical bond. The subject of the in­vention is also the method of obtaining a concrete floor panel and a floor made with the use of this panel.

(71) Lis, Krzysztof 63-130 Ksiaz Wielkopolski (PL)

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