Concrete Info Day: Gala-Bau trainees visit concrete companies

This year’s Info Day set a new record. The annual event to which the Baden-Wurttemberg Trade Association Concrete and Precast Concrete Plants – together with the Association for Garden, Landscape and Sports Field Construction – jointly invites interested parties. Around 470 future horticulturists and landscape gardeners visited manufacturers of concrete products in Baden-Wurttemberg on four days this year, between March and the beginning of May and learned extensive valuable information about concrete as a construction material.

During the plant tours, they gained insights into production – beginning with storage of the initial constituents, including concrete mixing and production on fully-automated production machinery and extending to surface treatment, quality control and storage.

In 2018, the following companies participated: Birco, Birkenmeier Stein + Design, Adolf Blatt, Hauraton, and Kronimus, Betonsteinwerk AG.

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