Combined solution for mobile moisture measurement

To ensure that quality control of aggregates and fresh concrete can take place quickly and precisely onsite, Imko Micromodultechnik GmbH, based in Ettlingen, has put together a range of clever moisture measurement solutions:

Every material has its own special properties. For that reason, the time-tested and robust two-rod SONO-M1 analyzer, based on state-of-the-art radar technology, was developed for measuring the moisture in aggregates. The advantage of the SONO-1 is its optimal handling for a wide range of aggregate sizes. Sand, gravel, or even crushed aggregates of the most diverse sizes – SONO-M1 can be quickly and simply placed into the tested material – a benefit of the special geometry of the two-bar analyzer. Another advantage is the extremely large measuring field around the bars of the analyzer: within only 2 s, 1.5 kg of tested material can be analyzed in a single measurement. That means greater measuring accuracy for the user within a very short time.

Reliable measurement results

As SONO-M1 is designed for aggregate, SONO-WZ has been developed for fresh concrete. SONO-WZ can quickly and directly determine onsite the water content of fresh concrete. For these measurements, the innovative lancet probe is simply inserted into the fresh concrete and reliable measurement results are shown to the user in only a few seconds. Here as well, the advantage of the large measuring field comes into effect. Around 20 kg of fresh concrete can be measured in only four to five individual measurements. This ensures reliable and representative readings and increases reliability obtained in checking different concrete grades. Owing to its very robust construction, SONO-WZ can also be used under the most rugged conditions without difficulty.

To ensure that everything is clearly arranged and on hand for quality control or in-process plant testing, there is now a combined set consisting of SONO-M1 for aggregates, the SONO-WZ fresh concrete analyzer, and the SONO-DIS compact and robust manual measuring device, all provided in a robust hard shell carrying case.

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