Topwerk Group

Change in management within Topwerk Group

The Topwerk Group, a world-wide leading supplier of machinery and equipment for shaping and finishing of concrete products, announces changes in management of individual subsidiary companies. Richard Scheuerlein and Georg Prinzing, the main initiators of the Topwerk company group and, so far, general managers of SR Schindler GmbH and Prinzing-Pfeiffer GmbH, respectively, have withdrawn from the management by mutual agreement and will continue to be available to the company in an advisory capacity with the focus on sales and marketing.

“In the future, I would like to concentrate on the support of our customers as well as the further development of our very efficient system solutions and, therefore, I have decided to withdraw from the operational management,” Scheuerlein says. Prinzing adds, “We have the widest range of products all over the world, offering maximum customer benefit. I would like to drive this forward and convey it to the customers, in future too.” Scheuerlein and Prinzing will remain shareholders of ­Top-Werk GmbH.

Arns, Rauter and Lanik take over leadership

Olaf Arns, former head of business development at the Topwerk Group, takes over the management of SR Schindler GmbH in Regensburg with immediate effect. Oliver Rauter, so far responsible for business planning at the subsidiary Hess Group GmbH, immediately assumes responsibility as general manager of Prinzing-Pfeifer GmbH in Blaubeuren.

Michael Lanik, CEO of the Topwerk holding, emphasized the strong operational achievements of the two initiators, Scheuerlein and Prinzing, who are shareholders of Top-Werk GmbH together with the CGS investment company, stating: “We will gladly continue to take advantage of the comprehensive technical knowledge of the two men as well as their excellent customer relationship characterized by enormous trust, so as to push the growth of the group forward in future.”

The Topwerk Group

A leading group of companies in the field of machinery and equipment for industrial production of concrete products was established under the umbrella of Top-Werk GmbH in 2013. Topwerk Group includes the companies SR Schindler, Prinz-ing-Pfeiffer and Hess Group.

Topwerk Group including its four product divisions and brands, Hess, SR-Schindler, Prinzing-Pfeiffer and Hess AAC Systems, is developing and manufacturing machines and systems for the production and finishing of concrete blocks and slabs, for pipes and manhole systems in the field of infrastructure and autoclaved aerated concrete products. The group operating all over the world under the umbrella brand Topwerk is in the position to supply machines and equipment up to turnkey systems for the production of all kinds of concrete products, from design and development to commissioning according to individual customer needs and across divisions.

Last year‘s sales figures of the Topwerk Group amounted to over 120 million euros. At present, a workforce of more than 640 people is working in seven countries in order to provide convincing service to the customers across all continents.

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