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Dear BetonTage attendees,

In the past year of 2012, we have seen satisfactory trends in revenue and capacity utilization in many areas of the German construction industry. The concrete products and precast sector has benefited as well, even more so because its high-quality concrete and precast products are particularly durable and create value that lasts for decades, thus enabling a solid return on invested capital even at times of crisis. The concept of “Betongold” (“concrete gold”) has become very common in German-speaking countries, emphasizing the material’s long-lasting nature and sound investment returns, and the public is very positive about this notion used for the material manufactured by our industry.

In 2013 again, the BetonTage congress will be driving innovation in the field of concrete technology whilst referring to a large number of practical examples. This is the only event where so many researchers, entrepreneurs, designers and users of complete concrete solutions come together. We benefit from the ideas of our market partners but also from the architects’ creative approach to using our material that provides virtually endless options.

For this reason, the BetonTage congress is not only a major continuing training opportunity for manufacturers but also the key industry event to promote concrete, our building material that we will continue to shift to ever-higher levels in a joint effort.

I look forward to three inspiring congress days and invite all of you to engage in a lively dialogue.

⇥Yours sincerely,

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