Bauverlag of the future

Already in BFT 6/2019, the then still new Managing Director of Bauverlag, Michael Voss, personally greeted you, dear readers, under precisely the same headline. Our esteemed publisher had promised at that time to move even closer to the markets and the innovations of the industry, to examine them more intensively and to vividly describe them with the digital products of our publishing house. In addition, we wanted to inform you as best as possible and to support you in presenting and selling your products.

Two years later we can report with pride that by now we have already set the course in the right direction. The total of 18 Bauverlag media brands have strongly developed, in particular in the digital sector. For example, your BFT International is delighted to have a continuously growing number of fans, followers and subscribers in the relevant social media channels – thanks not least to the knack of my committed colleague Karla Knitter – without neglecting, it goes without saying, the classic print sector.

Bauverlag, the largest provider of technical information for architecture, construction and technical building facilities in German-speaking countries, is now taking the next step into the future: in mid-July, i.e., shortly after publication of this issue, we will move from the aging office complex in the Gütersloh district of Avenwedde into a just-completed solid construction (what else could it be?) directly in the city center only a stone’s throw from the main railroad station.

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