An allrounder among concretes?

Is there at all such a thing as an absolute all-around concrete, dear readers? This is exactly the topic to which our guest author Christian Brensing dedicates his contribution on infra-lightweight concrete, as implemented by Prof. Dr. Mike Schlaich (spb), in collaboration with Gruber+Popp Architekten on a project in Berlin. The summary of the opening question was then “Almost an allrounder among concretes” – published, by the way, in Jahrbuch Beton Bauteile 2021.

The new yearbook Beton Bauteile is also impressive with its additional topical examples from architecture, construction engineering, infrastructure and garden and landscape architecture. This includes the Niemeyer Sphere in Leipzig, Germany, the last design work by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer; the international cultural center on Meixhi Lake in China; the Eastsite Patio in Mannheim, Germany; the De Helix residential tower in Groningen, Netherlands; the Kanzleigebäude of the German Embassy in Paris, restored with cast stone; and the Laboratory for Nano-Analytics at TU Dresden in Germany.

The yearbook Jahrbuch Beton Bauteile is published in German and is a great give-away, not least for your customers and business partners. We will be pleased to accept your order at; please enter “Beton Bauteile 2021” in the search box on the website or write us an email at .

In the 04/2021 issue of BFT International, you will find a detailed statement on the 65th BetonTage, conducted for the first time in digital form. At copy deadline of the issue you are now reading, preparation was still in full swing.

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