AgaCAD joins Arkance, a leader in digital transformation

AgaCAD, the Lithuania-based developer of technologies for building information modelling and management, whose software is used by 13,000 BIM professionals in 130 countries, is pleased to be joining Arkance – Europe’s fast-growing leader in the digital transformation of construction and manufacturing and a subsidiary of France’s Groupe Monnoyuer. Arkance has acquired AgaCAD in a transaction that marks its 10th acquisition of a top European CAD and BIM technology company in the last two years.

“Joining the Arkance group provides the resources to realize our vision of creating tomorrow’s AEC much more fully. It will let us serve existing AgaCAD clients even better – the mostly small and mid-size architecture, engineering and construction firms on five continents who count on us to compete. It will also enable us to implement and support our powerful BIM solutions for major international players in AEC and manufacturing,” says AgaCAD Managing Director Donatas Aksomitas. “Arkance has a long successful track record, a presence in numerous European countries, and solid ambitions where AgaCAD can add significant value.


European leader in digital transformation

Founded 30 years ago, AgaCAD has always been a pioneer in digital technologies for the building industry. In that context and in partnership with expert BIM practitioners, it has built the world‘s biggest selection of Autodesk Revit expert tools. In 2018, Autodesk named AgaCAD one of its first ‘AEC Industry Partners’ – trusted providers of technologies that complement Autodesk’s own platforms.

“AgaCAD has proven its ability to develop world-class, innovative digital technologies that offer new possibilities and large productivity gains for building and manufacturing industries. We look forward to leveraging that expertise, including but going beyond their current portfolio of solutions, to support clients in their digitalization journey, in line with the Groupe Monnnoyeur’s strategy. Within Arkance, AgaCAD will strengthen the development team and its expertise and will benefit from our European network to distribute its solutions,” says Gregoire Arranz, the CEO of Arkance.

AgaCAD’s Managing Director notes the company will maintain its driving spirit of ‘Building BIM Together’ and ‘Sharing BIM Advances’ – working closely with advanced users of digital construction technologies to achieve real-life workflow gains and turning those experts’ insights into tools that all clients can acquire. AgaCAD will continue directly serving its clients worldwide and ensuring the same accessible, attentive and flexible support and training that clients appreciate so much, Mr Aksomitas stresses. The company also intends to continue working with its existing partners, agents and resellers.


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