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Throughout the world, companies have had to adapt to changed circumstances and find opportunities in times of crisis. This required innovation, creativity, and the development of new business models. Creagh are no exception. The last 18 months have been a particularly testing time for families and business with unprecedented challenges as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. High cost increases including cement, steel, energy and more have put pressure on the business short term until these have been caputured in our sales prices.

These challenges have required a resilient approach from our Directors and Management team. Creagh are a robust company and have been able to respond with agility to these demanding times, utilising the following strategy:


1. Changing the Business Model

A resilient strategy allows the business to thrive for years to come. At the beginning of 2021, the company streamlined the company from five divisions to three divisions: Products, Structures and Materials. The company Directors are embedded within these divisions and are all accountable for delivering profit. The culture has changed to become more open, inclusive, and responsive to quick decision making.


2. Market leaders

Creagh are market leaders. In the past 18 months, several Hollowcore and precast concrete factories have closed across the UK, creating an unprecedented demand for Hollowcore flooring and structural precast. Creagh have taken advantage of this by increasing productivity to meet market demands. Creagh have continued with a strong marketing and brand awareness campaign to remain at the forefront of the market.

3. Service

Creaghs innovative service has created a differentiation within the marketplace. Creagh’s ability to offer complimentary insitu works packages, quick turnaround & responsive delivery has set us apart from the competition.


4. Investing in Innovation

Creagh has always been an innovative company and moved into may diverse markets, developing new products and services within the construction industry. Pioneering products utilizing modern methods of construction, accompanied by an innovative, comprehensive service have positioned Creagh as market leaders in precast systems throughout the UK and Ireland.


5. Responding to changing market trends

Modern methods of construction (MMC) is the move towards off site products saving time, labour and cost on site. Currently, the construction industry is experiencing labour and materials shortages which are causing delays on sites. MMC will go some way to alleviating these issues, creating a higher demand for these systems. Creagh have seen a dramatic increase in sales order books for particularly flooring and structures products.


6. Business Improvement Initiatives

There is a renewed drive for efficiency and higher levels of productivity within the company. A Business Improvement division has been established to reduce levels of waste and associated costs;  measuring and motoring NCR’s and implementing new procedures to mitigate these mistakes. The introduction of 5S into the manufacturing facilities, whilst in its infancy, has produced dramatic results in a short space of time in terms of waste reduction and cost savings.



The contracting of all structural precast and large hollowcore projects are managed within the Structures Division. This division manufactures, sells and services a unique product set including Rapidres, Rapidcore, facades, and grey structural precast. These products are produced at various factories based in Toomebridge and delivered and installed throughout the UK and Ireland. The demand for off site products is unprecedented. The lack of available labour on sites, rising prices and scarcity of commodities has led to volatile conditions within the construction industry and created a high demand for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). The structures team are experts in technical sales, design and engineering, project management and manufacturing. The service provided, developed over many years, is comprehensive and requires early design and engineering input. Products are manufactured in a controlled environment and are not hampered by adverse weather conditions therefore quality and program can be easily maintained. Detailed working drawings are prepared using the latest 3D technology (BIM & Revit) and approved prior to manufacturing commences. This ensures a high level of accuracy and reduces time on site. Projects are installed by highly experienced site mangers and teams to meet and exceed program times.


Materials Division

Creagh own and operate 3 quarries which supply high quality aggregates both for production internally to our Northern Ireland factories and to external customers. This division is the backbone of the Company and consistently delivers good results. Creagh quarries are an invaluable asset to the Company and underpin the entire business model and it is therefore vital that we maintain both the quantity and quality of our aggregates to sustain and grow the business.

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