Active management system for energy in ­concrete walls and/or pavements

(10) WO 2015/130183 Al

(22) 27.02.2015

(43) 03.09.2015

(71) Requerente CMP-CIMENTOS MACEIRA PATAIAS, S.A. [PTIPT]; Maceira-Liz, P-2405-019, Maceira Lra (PT).

(57) The present invention relates to an active management system for energy in concrete walls and/or pavements, which comprises essentially: imprinted heating systems which are integrated into concrete elements during the concrete pouring process; heating systems which are imprinted onto the surface of concrete elements or cementitious coverings; an electronic system integrated into the concrete to monitor and control the surrounding...

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Active management system for energy in concrete walls and/or pavements

(11) EP 3 139 700 Al (22) 27.02.2015 (43) 08.03.2017 (57) The present invention relates to a system for active management of energy in concrete walls and/or floors, which essentially comprises:...


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