A big thank you to all

Dear readers, in our August issue I had already formulated similar words of greetings and, as the year 2020 is nearing its end, had originally planned to again concentrate more on technical topics. But the corona crisis in mid-October unfortunately didn’t spare Bauverlag, as a result of which a part of the staff was sent to work from home. Again, although it had seemed that the situation was beginning to gradually ease: for example, a visit to a precasting plant in Northern Germany – scheduled at the request of a customer – was imminent. And, with the Italian Concrete Days in Piacenza at the end of October, there was once again at long last a major face-to-face event on the business trip agenda.

Well, now – let’s make the best of it. This issue of BFT is once more quite well booked – both editorially and with regard to advertising. Therefore we’d like to send especially big thanks to all you friends of concrete (i.e., precasters, plant engineers, suppliers, scientists, representatives of associations and all other readers) for their continuing loyalty and for regularly providing us with exciting contents and/or for placing ads. Our esteemed colleague Karla Knitter, moreover, is already back from her short maternity leave, which significantly eases the situation in the BFT editorial office.

Last but not least, we are pleased after a successful Kick-Off (in English) with more than 30 participants, to offer you an especially exciting Web-Seminar on 17 November (in German): Max Mandt-Merck, Sales Manager at LAP, explains how to achieve significant increases in efficiency in precast element production with laser projection systems. Registrations are still possible, see page 4.

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