New fresh concrete composite membrane SikaProof A of Sika Deutschland:

Reliable technology for the sealing of precast concrete basements

Sika Deutschland GmbH has developed an easy-to-install, reliable and efficient system solution for waterproof structures in precast concrete construction: the combination of the Tricoflex adhesive joint sealant with the new fresh concrete composite membrane SikaProof A.

Combined system of joint and surface

Systems for surface waterproofing have already been on the market for many decades. Their major drawback, however, is the high repair expenditure and effort in case of damage. A conventional surface waterproofing, such as the “black tank” for example, just loosely covers the building structure. Here moisture can possibly ingress through a perforation of the waterproofing system and then may creep between the building structure and the membrane sheet. As to avoid this effect, modern systems work with the fresh concrete composite technology: it...

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