Not off the rack

B+F delivered special elements

B+F Dorsten GmbH manufactured 210 reinforced-concrete rectangular sections with overflow edge and dry weather channel for the new construction of a storage structure and delivered the same just in time to the installation site situated in „Im Mühlenfeld“. The sections are all made to specifications and meet the stringent requirements of the client as well as comply with the quality guidelines of the FBS – German Trade Association for Concrete Pipes and Reinforced Concrete Pipes.

Furthermore, the heavy weight units, manufactured individually according to the commissioning of the city of Erkelenz, Department of Civil Engineering and Sewage Treatment, and installed by Blandfort Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH & Co. KG, are furnished with additional structural features: The pressurized water-proof connection of the sections consists of the combination of a testable twin sliding seal and a compression seal protected against tensile forces.

“The results of the general wastewater treatment planning required the construction of a new storm overflow structure situated in road ‘Im...

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