Sunny pavements

Expansion of concrete paver production on Majorca

Just like almost everywhere in the world, the current economic situation is very tense, especially in Spain. Nonetheless, Paviments Lloseta decided to build a completely new paver plant. This manufacturer is well-known for the high quality of its products, which results in its good reputation on the Balearic island whilst creating the basis for a very large market share. For this very reason, many public and private streets and seafront promenades on Majorca feature the paving stones and slabs produced by the company.

Company history

The business was founded by Joan Sampol in 1986. At that time, production was launched using a Longinotti slab press. Due to the high demand for concrete products, the company was able to continuously expand the site. Today, the company operates a total of four slab presses for the manufacture of paving stones and slabs. Paviments Lloseta mainly produces concrete slabs, pavers and curbstones. Apart from these standard items, the producer also manufactures special products such as steps and benches. These custom-made items are produced manually.


Necessary site expansion


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