July 2010

Keywords: Method for the manufacture of floor covering elements; Method for the manufacture of a structural concrete component with polymer-saturated textile reinforcement as well as a structural concrete component with polymer-saturated textile reinforcement; Slab or paving block of concrete or natural stone; Liner System for forming concrete panels; Concrete block; Structural element and methods of use thereof; Method for production of concrete doublewall panels; Prefabricated panel for building construction and process for manufacturing such a panel; Paver block; High-strength biogas tank assembled by large precast slabs;Concrete block machine having a controllable cutoff bar; Lightweight body for a hollow concrete slab, and unit panel for a hollow concrete slab using same; Prefab construction techniques Building block;

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Method for producing a reinforced concrete component ...

(10) US 20220176586Al                                        (22) 11.03.2020 (43) 09.06.2022 (57) A method and an apparatus for producing a concrete com­ponent, comprising...

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Method for producing a concrete component, prefabricated structural element of a concrete component

(10) US 2016/0130812 Al (22) 25.01.2014 (43) 12.05.2016 (57) The present invention relates to a method of producing a concrete component (15), to a prefabricated structural ele­ment (3), which serves...


SITgrid 041 sets new standards in carbon concrete

The company V. Fraas Solutions in Textile GmbH develops and manufactures textile concrete reinforcement with the brand SITgrid. The carbon grid fabric SITgrid from V. Fraas Solutions in Textile...

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