Spare parts distribution hall increases capacities

Recently, Masa GmbH has commissioned a new factory hall for the distribution of spare parts on the premises in Andernach. The building provides appropriate space and optimum weather protection for efficient handling of the spare parts on a floor space of 740 m². An office area for the staff members of the spare parts and distribution departments is integrated in the hall. There, the spare parts inquiries from all over the world will be received and processed up to the virtual shipment of the spare parts.

As a result of the new distribution, Masa expects a significant improvement of the shipping processes and shorter distances as far as packaging is concerned. Due to the fact that Masa is now in the position to separate the incoming goods area from the goods issuing area, an optimization of the handling processes can be expected.


Prepared for growth

Energy efficiency also is an issue of crucial importance to the company: The photovoltaic systems installed on the roof of the building serves to cover the on-site power exclusively. The electricity generated is fed into and used in the in-house grid.

“We create capacities for continuous growth by the construction of the factory hall. Last but not least, the construction of the hall at this location and the investment in a new computing center made in 2016 is a clear commitment in strengthening the Masa site in Andernach. We can all be very proud of this,” General Manager Udo Klaußner says. “Our particular thanks go to the architect Egon Schäfer and our Production Manager Thomas Becker, whose names are representatives for all those who contributed to the successful completion of the building project.”