Latest concrete mixing technology ­implemented in record time

The Otto Quast Company can look back on a successful 70-year company history and produces premium quality pre-fabricated concrete parts for buildings and civil engineering in efficient processes at 3 sites in Germany. Technology from the Pemat company brings the concrete mixing technology of Otto Quast up to the latest state of the art in the shortest possible time with minimum disturbance of the production process. The basis for this success are the high-quality standards and the determination to always move with the times  and to be a pioneer in the field of concrete, masonry and road construction.

In order to live up to these aspirations, the structural and civil engineering specialist wanted to bring its concrete mixing technology up to the latest state of the art. The goal was not only to introduce ultramodern performance; they also planned to integrate the new components into an existing, operative mixing plant.

Two mixers were to be replaced in the process on the premise of retaining the existing installation as far as possible. Because of the very good order situation at Otto Quast, an extremely tight schedule was set for the project to keep production downtime to a minimum.

Decision in favour of a leader in mixing technology

The decision makers at Otto Quast chose the mixing technology specialists of Pemat in Freisbach as a partner for the implementation of its project. The medium-sized company has four decades of experience in development and production of mixing technology and is one of the technological leaders in the field of mixers, skip hoists and complete batching plants.

Otto Quast decided to use two Pemat Planetary mixers PMPR 3000 and PMPR 500; both mixers are equipped with an additional whirler and an integrated high-pressure cleaning system. Each of these models features highest material quality, maintenance friendliness and flexibility. They set totally new standards in the area of mixing results due to an additional whirler. A good and fast homogenisation of the mix is achieved by this whirler technology to process especially fine additives, dyes and different cement types.

After sign of the contract, the project managers scheduled the beginning of erection for the 19th of December 2016 because the first 60 m³ of concrete had to be produced on beginning of January 2017. The tight schedule could be kept, on the one hand thanks to the professional handling by the Pemat company and, on the other hand, due to the excellent cooperation between the Pemat experts and the competent staff of Otto Quast. The plant was put into operation in time and since then produces the quantities and qualities required.