The LRT 622 residual concrete recycling plant is environmentally friendly

Quantities of residual concrete occur daily in production and during transport of concrete: for example, from cleaning the mixing plant and the truck mixer, or from the concrete that is returned from a construction site. All ingredients of the residual quantities can be reused. Even the truck mixer is cleaned with recycled residual water instead of fresh water – which is very environmentally friendly.

Sand and gravel are washed out again and again and used as basic material for concrete production. The left-over residual water is collected in a basin and kept in suspension by an agitator. The residual water is proportionally returned to concrete production.

LRT 622 trough system recycling plant in operation in Neumarkt, Germany

The trough model of the LRT 622 is designed to take up an especially large wash-water volume, so that larger quantities can be processed in shorter time intervals. The large wash trough is closed and consists of two half shells that can be easily opened during maintenance work. A two-speed conical wash spiral operates inside the trough and is driven by a time-tested, robust flat gear. All bearings are located outside the wet area and therefore have a long service life.

The charging hopper is positioned sideways next to the wash trough and can also be alternatively mounted on the front side. The plant is nearly completely galvanized to ensure a long service life. Owing to the two wash gallows on the charging hopper, two truck mixers can be washed out at the same time. The washout capacity ranges around a max. of 20 m³ per hour. For peak periods with an empty trough, as much as 2 m³ of material can be processed within 5 minutes in the plant. The plant is supplemented by a galvanized, elevated container with an agitator of mobile design, and with a holding capacity of 40 m³.

With PLC control, all processes take place fully automatically; the control system can also be adjusted to the customer’s individual requirements. The plant is fitted with a heating system and is therefore suitable for operation in winter.

The recycling system perfectly complements the Betomix 2.5 concrete mixing plant.

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