Masa GmbH

Small machinery production in India

Masa GmbH headquartered in the German city of Andernach has opened an overseas subsidiary for manufacturing small machinery and providing customer service and spare part services in Bangalore in India. Since 2007, the company has already been represented there, however, only in the fields of sales and services.

The building of the subsidiary in Bangalore covers an overall surface of 10,000m² - hence sufficient room for a possible expansion of the production in future.

Since the Indian economy continues to grow and the infrastructure too is constantly expanded and improved, the management of Masa decided to expand the subsidiary by production facilities. According to a statement of Masa, there is a sound demand in small, high-quality machinery in India, while the supply of such machinery is quite limited on the Indian market so far.

Uniform quality all over the world

The quality standard of the machines manufactured in Bangalore is to be equivalent to the standard that Masa applies to its products made at other locations. The company also intends to export the machines made in the Indian city and to sell them all over the world.

In India Masa has a second subsidiary in Mumbai, which is responsible for the customers in West India. Furthermore, as Masa states, there are plans to open further subsidiaries in other metropolis of the territorial state.

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