SITgrid 041 sets new standards in carbon concrete

The company V. Fraas Solutions in Textile GmbH develops and manufactures textile concrete reinforcement with the brand SITgrid. The carbon grid fabric SITgrid from V. Fraas Solutions in Textile particularly opens up new perspectives for structural rehabilitation, strengthening of dilapidated reinforced concrete and manufacture of precast concrete elements.

V. Fraas Solutions in Textile GmbH is now announcing the market maturity of a “revolutionary new development,” as it says in its press release: SITgrid 041 is an extremely high-performance material that sets new standards in carbon reinforcement – especially as structural reinforcement. Now that SITgrid 041 has already been used in many development projects for rehabilitation of precast construction, recent analyses and measurement results have demonstrated it to have revolutionary potential, according to V. Fraas.

Suitable for standard concrete

“With SITgrid 041, we will set new standards with carbon concrete,” says Roy Thyroff, Managing Director of V. Solutions in Textile GmbH. With carbon reinforcement SITgrid 041, it will now be possible for the first time to cast concrete with a maximum particle size of up to 8 mm. Beyond that, the structures of the innovative carbon fabric can now demonstrate its high-performance capacity not only in high-performance concrete, but in standard concretes as well. SITgrid 041 has therefore an especially high potentials not only for reinstating serviceability, but especially for structural rehabilitation.

“Due to its special surface structure and special coating, SITgrid 041 is extremely efficient even in standard concrete,” according to Thyroff. “Right now, SITgrid 041 is currently demonstrating its high efficiency on many test surfaces and pilot lots in rehabilitation and precast construction.

V. Fraas Solutions in Textile GmbH is a specialist for technical textiles and, in industrial production with the brand SITgrid 2D/3D-AR, offers glass and carbon grid fibers for structural rehabilitation, strengthening of dilapidated reinforced concrete as well as in manufacture of precast elements in industrial series production. With the SITnet brand, the company now has high-strength and patented load securing nets in its product range.

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