Rampf Formen

Rampf takes over French market leader

In February 2014, Rampf Formen, the specialist for concrete block moulds, took over the French company F3B. With the acquisition of 100 % of the business operations, the company, based in Allmendingen in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg, reportedly significantly extended its lead in the market.

Key to the French market

The previously family-managed company F3B, with more than a 50 % share of the market, is regarded as the unchallenged market leader for concrete block moulds in France. In that country, as well as in the Northwest African Maghreb region and the French-speaking overseas regions, F3B, with its differentiated sales structure can act as door opener for the Rampf Group.

“For foreign and especially German companies, the French market is traditionally not easy to enter,” explains Technical Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Peter Dauben. “Therefore, the company will remain largely autonomous and will be continued under the name F3B Moulds.”

Thin-walled moulds for hollow blocks new to the Rampf portfolio

The know-how in the manufacture of thin-walled hollow-block moulds is regarded as the crucial competence and competitive edge of F3B. Accordingly, the French company integrates extremely well as new member in the Rampf Group.

Established in 1926 as a blacksmith’s shop, Rampf, at an annual turnover of so far EUR 50 million and a workforce of 550 worldwide, has become a leading international manufacturer of steel moulds for the concrete block industry.

F3B stands for “Frères 3 Bregeon” and was funded by the father of the Bregeon brothers. The sons will continue to play an important role in the company also in the future. The company is based in the west of France, with a current workforce of 60. The company generates the major part of its turnover in France, with moulds for hollow-blocks.

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