New AMM and AKK series of mesh welding lines

According to Eurobend GmbH the company’s “AMM” and “AKK” series of innovative flexible mesh welding lines covering every mesh application are setting standards in mesh production. Both the AMM & AKK are well established and can be found operating in leading precast and mesh producing companies in Europe (Netherlands, UK, Italy, Russia) Middle East and  the USA.

During the trade fair “Wire 2018” from 16 to 20 April in the German city of Dusseldorf the AKK SERIES – the high output flexible welding machine eliminating all line wire de-coiling stations – was introduced at the Eurobend booth C72 in Hall 13.


No downtimes

The new, innovative design of the “AKK” welding line eliminates all idle times and according to Eurobend at least doubles productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines. There are no downtimes anymore when changing wire coils, diameters, spacing or mesh dimensions.

All advantages from off-coil and pre-cut welding machines and more, are combined in one machine. The “AKK” Series are capable of producing large and small batches-orders consecutively without any downtime. The concept behind the AKK series allows automatic mesh spacing and dimensions changes. Therefore the machines of the AKK series belong to the few flexible high production coil-fed mesh welding lines, as they can produce all mesh types instantly without any adjustments. Also, they offer a compact system layout requiring minimum floor space requirements

Equipped with the patented “Automatic Wire Orientation System” (AWOS), which allows the use of a high speed roller straightening module for line wire feeding. The “AWOS” absorbs all wire straightening imperfections from the roller straightener. This unique Automatic Wire Orientation System ensures perfectly flat mesh panels regardless of wire and straightening quality. It is fully programmable and capable of processing all types of material, smooth or ribbed.


Multiple diameter changes during one shift

A Single coil replaces all line wire de-coiling stations, where a double line and cross wire de-coiling station ensures continuous operation. As a result to the above, minimal stock of wire spools and coils is required and the necessity for large stock of ready mesh as in conventional welding lines is eliminated. Furthermore, multiple diameter changes during one day/shift can be achieved efficiently due to single coil line wire feeding.

The AKK series are equipped with independent heavy duty hydraulic or pneumatically operated welding heads. Due to programmable cross wire placement, different cross wire spacing is possible within the same mesh. Mesh advancing either through a servo-driven carrier offering exceptional accuracy, or through a compact layout servo-driven roller feeder. The in-line mesh turning and collection table is equipped with adjustable mesh aligning flaps for perfect mesh batches. Roller or laterally discharging chain conveyors with height adjustment and in-line mesh bundling stations are available. Remote access via internet connection for troubleshooting and routine maintenance is possible.


AMM Series for the production of precast mesh, mesh with openings

All machines of the AMM series are equipped with the patented wire feeding system, which ensures elimination of time-consuming diameter and coil change-overs. Any type of mesh can be produced instantly without manual adjustments.

Different models are available for both the economic and high output production of mesh, offering maximum flexibility without changeover adjustments, due to unique design and functionality of the wire feeding and welding module.

The machines of the AMM series are designed for the production of standard and customized mesh designs and sizes, allowing the welding of uneven line and cross wire lengths and different line and cross wire diameters within the same panel. They also can be used for the production of mesh used in various precast wall panels with openings for doors and windows due to the servo-driven moving welding head.


Up to 81 welding heads

Depending on the machine version, line and cross wires are fed fully automatically from two Flexi-line Rotor straightening and cutting machines with patented automatic diameter changing system or from precut wires/bars.

To cover different demands for productivity different machine versions are equipped with either single or double Y-axis programmable, servo-motor driven welding head configurations with four or eight welding points (PL X-Y AMM Series) or with multi-head configurations with up to 81 fixed welding heads (PLC AMM Series).

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