Insoulating superblocks for constructing modular superblock eassemblies

(10) US 11,008,752 B1

(22) 05.10.2020

(45) 18.05.2021

(57) A modular superblock assembly includes interconnectable and stackable insulating concrete forms that each comprise a block body. The block body includes a central mounting hole, a first lateral recess, second lateral recess, first vertical recess, second vertical recess, and aligning features. The first lateral recess traverses a first lateral side of the block body. The second lateral recess traverses a second lateral side of the block body. The first vertical recess traverses a first vertical side of the block body. The second vertical recess traverses a second vertical side of the block body. The central mounting hole traverses the lateral recesses and is oriented perpendicular thereto. The plurality of aligning features includes aligning plates and slots. Each aligning plate is partially embedded in a first surface of the block body and positioned proximate to the first lateral recess. Aligning slots are positioned on the first surface.

(71) Juan Diego Castro, Tucson, AZ (US)

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