Hammer-in concrete screw

(11) EP 3 760 885 A1

(22) 03.07.2019

(43) 06.01.2021 Bulletin 2021/01

(57) The invention relates to a screw comprising a shank, wherein a thread helix receiving groove that winds around the shank is provided in the shank, and wherein the shank has a screw tip, and further comprising a thread helix having a base and a crest, wherein the thread helix and the shank are separate parts, wherein the base of the thread helix is arranged in the thread helix receiving groove, and wherein the crest of the thread helix projects radially from the shank. According to the invention, the crest of the thread helix of the unconstricted screw is displaceable towards the shank by linearly driving the shank, together with the thread helix, into an undersized borehole in a concrete or masonry substrate. The inven­tion also relates to a method for installing such a screw.

(71) Hilti Aktiengesellschaft, 9494 Schaan (LI)

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