Besser Company: “Blockup impresses the industry”

BlockUp was introduced to the global concrete products industry in the Besser booth at World of Concrete in the beginning of this year. Over the four days of the show Steve Hunt, Mark Weber and Jim Kirk were constantly engaged in demonstrations and conversations about the new system. According to Besser attendees were impressed and anxious to learn when it will be available in their market areas and the producer attendees at the Product Design and Creative Concepts presentation held during National Concrete Masonry Association's meeting in Phoenix IconXchange were equally impressed as Steve and Mark introduced them to BlockUp.

BlockUp is a unique, fast-build, construction block system. Its strength, durability, and flexibility are similar to traditional masonry, but it differs in its fast, precise, and efficient assembly. BlockUp is a grouted system that eliminates mortar from its construction, allowing for an installation many times faster than a traditional CMU. This is possible by using an elongated block starter course, which is set on a concrete footing, trued with mechanical levelers, and then reinforced and grouted solid. An accurate and substantial datum is quickly put in place as the starting point for the rest of the installation. Precise, interlocking blocks are then installed on top of the starter course using a quick and simple stack-and-fill logic. The self-aligning block shape also provides a water weeping system at the face shell of each block.


For projects large and small

The BlockUp system has an inherent structural flexibility, allowing for both vertical and horizontal reinforcement to be placed as required. Bond beams can be created at any horizontal course, replacing the need for steel lintels at typical window and door openings. Walls are reinforced in the vertically aligned cells with a traditional rebar and grout. The ease of reinforcement encourages engineered applications with numerous possibilities.

The BlockUp system can be effectively used for projects large and small. Because of its resistance to the elements, BlockUp can be confidently used for exterior wall applications. Projects can also range from exposed interior walls to foundation wall construction, structural masonry back-up walls, or even prefabricated wall panels. The system offers fast, efficient assembly and structural flexibility. In other words, BlockUp provides superior, cost-effective construction with a crisp, clean, installed appearance. Similar to traditional concrete masonry units, product finishes can range from typical utilitarian concrete block to highly finished ground-faced architectural block. The BlockUp system provides an efficient, easy installation with the performance and flexibility to meet the creativity and needs of the masonry industry.



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