Translucent concrete for Hamburg hotel lounge

The Radisson Blue Hotel situated near the Hamburg Dammtor Station has been redesigned: it now features a new basement lounge. This rearrangement essentially relies on the central bar counter made from translucent concrete in which both light-conducting glass fibers and LEDs were embedded.

Frank B. Theuerkauf designed this relaunch and the associated refurbishment. He focused on creating a unique, stylish and atmospheric interior with a signature appearance. For this purpose, the interior designer conceived a nine-meter long, luminous bar counter whose side walls consist of translucent concrete. The counter can be synchronized with the music to function as a “light organ”.


Thousands of fine
glass fibers embedded

The lighting solution relies on LEDs with single-pixel technology to backlight the translucent concrete counter both on its vertical surfaces and on its top. The translucent concrete uses thousands of fine glass fibers embedded in it to transmit light from the rear lighting to its surface, which appears as if the concrete were radiating light from its inside. LED strips were installed in a 15 cm spacing behind each of the 15 mm thick translucent concrete slabs (120 cm x 60 cm). A software enables the on-line setting of the various light scenarios. Available options include a static, constant-color illumination but also changing color transitions and color patterns that change in sync with the music. Overall, 40 m² of Lucem translucent concrete were installed; the individual segments were mounted on steel frames and glued using T sections and a silicone adhesive suitable for natural stone.

In formal terms, the solitary appearance of the new cocktail bar is complemented by a luminous ceiling consisting of honeycombed segments, a fireplace lounge and many small seating arrangements. Together with the former “Cocoon Club” in Frankfurt (Beton + Fertigteil Jahrbuch 2007), “The Room” demonstrates that concrete can be a perfect fit to create a unique design with a lounge atmosphere.