Schöck Bauteile

Three next-generation engineers honored

The Schöck Bau Innovation Prizes, awarded by the Eberhard Schöck Foundation and Schöck Bauteile GmbH, were presented in Ulm within the context of the Industry Forum. Three winners are honored every year; this year for the first time exclusively to women engineers. The winners are graduates of German universities in Aachen, Kaiserslautern, and Darmstadt.

The Next-Generation Award, endowed with a prize money of 2,500 euros for each master’s thesis, is sponsored by the company Schöck in Baden-Baden, Germany, and was now awarded for the 17th time. This year’s recipients are Christiane Bongardt (M.Sc.), of RWTH Aachen, with her subject “Experimental and theoretical investigations of the shear resistance behavior of saturated textile reinforcing elements for concrete members,” Rabea Sefrin (M.Sc.), of Kaiserslautern Technical University with “Modeling and numeric simulation of concrete stud rails” and Sabrina Langer (M.Sc.), from Darmstadt Technical University with “Investigation of visco-elastic material properties of intermediate VSG layers.”

Schöck Bau Innovation Prize awarded for the 17th time

The Schöck Bau Innovation Prize was set up by its sponsor Eberhard Schöck in the year 2000. Peter Möller, Executive Board Member of the Eberhard Schöck Foundation, says of the motivation encouraged here: “We would like to motivate young people to think outside the box and to take innovative steps.” Universities and technical colleges are invited every year to submit outstanding and future-oriented master’s theses in the field of reinforced-concrete building, steel construction, timber building, or masonry building aimed at simple, cost-efficient, and durable building structures.

A video, shown at the industry forum, as well as rounds of talks, gave insights into the vita and the motivation of the university graduates for their master’s theses.

The award presentation was part of the evening program, with guests invited from the precast industry. Sales Manager Thomas Lange was the moderator of the evening. Interesting insights and outlooks into the development of the construction business in Germany, provided by Dr. Christian Kaiser of the market research company Heinze Marktforschung, were followed by the performance of the cabaret artist Vince Ebert on the topic “Incalculable – Why life is too complex for perfect planning.”