The “BOFA” – a sofa made of concrete

Bodamer I Faber Architects, of Stuttgart, Germany, brings concrete furniture to the market that excels both in terms of functionality and aesthetics: the “BOFA”. The idea for this furniture developed when the planners of a building searched for a suitable seating arrangement. It was to meet the requirements for fire protection, to be so heavy that it could not be easily moved, to demonstrate organic forms, and to be comfortable. When the architects were unable to find an appropriate piece of furniture, they developed one themselves. “BOFA” is short for “Bodamer I Faber Architects,” and is a synonym for a sofa (Arabic “suffa”, a bench to rest on) made of concrete.

Form and function combined

“BOFA” differs from most other seating made of concrete by virtue of its organic form; it is also available in two different sizes, round or oval. While the round version functions as classic stool, the oval version combines a seating surface for comfortable resting and a practical storage surface in one piece of furniture. The combination of round and oval elements results in individual seating arrangements with integrated tabletops. The round stool has a diameter of 40 cm and weighs 34 kg.

Adaptable and varied

Both “BOFA” versions are provided with a round cushion made of natural leather or other robust, high-quality fabric. The concrete corpus is available in the basic colors gray or white. The various possible arrangements of concrete form, concrete color, and cushion provide great leeway for design.

A special impregnation of the concrete surface makes the “BOFA” dirt-repellant. These features make this unusual concrete furniture suitable for use both in public and private settings: ideally, for example, in medical centers, retail shops, and art galleries.

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