Specialist planning for concrete repair in parking structures

Although parking structures are built for stationary traffic, a lot goes on inside that we cannot imagine at first glance. Mechanical, chemical, and climatic stresses require sustainable repair of the building substance. The experts at the company Remmers Fachplanung are ready to provide consultation and solutions to many questions involving the repair of parking structures. These structures are endangered in two respects: firstly, the concrete itself becomes damaged in the course of time and, secondly, the steel structure is likewise subjected to damage. Particularly in older parking structures, moisture attacks the steel construction and results in spalling of the concrete. Here, cathodic corrosion protection is necessary.

Remmers Fachplanung offers holistic concepts and a complete program for concrete repair. The first requirement is analysis of the hygrothermal parameters and the substances harmful to the structure. If indicated, the mortar, the concrete, as well as the wall and floor coatings are examined to decide the optimal repair strategy based on the damage. This process includes the choice of suitable product systems. Certified surface-protection systems, for example, that protect the concrete from absorbing moisture and make it resistant to chemical and mechanical stresses, have proven effective in many projects.

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