Siut for the first time at the World’s ­Leading Trade Fair BAU

The company Siut GmbH will be presented for the first time with its own stand at BAU, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, and Systems, from 16 to 21 January 2017 in Munich. In hall B0, at stand 306E, at the joint stand entitled “Young Innovative Companies” of the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi), Siut will showcase selected exhibits of its innovative range of light-fiber concrete products, with special focus on the new LightTile B87 concrete floor tile.

Communication medium and design highlight

Owing to its modular design, tiles with different light patterns can be strung together to create large-area, luminous laying patterns. This turns one of the oldest construction materials in the world into a communication medium in the form of floor tiles – one that will in future also be capable of being networked with other media. Areas of application include guidance of flows of pedestrians, evacuation help in dangerous situations, and enhancement of the aesthetic value of private and public areas. No electronic components of any kind are built into the tiles, making them a sustainable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient product. The light source is externally fed into the interior of the concrete by way of ultra-high-performance LEDs that distribute the light pulses inside the tile and conduct them to the concrete surface by means of an optical fiber system.

The floor tiles from Siut are manufactured in the size 50 cm x 50 cm x 3.5 cm and are available in the colors white, gray, and anthracite. The surface of the tiles can be ground, acidified, or sandblasted, as desired. A surface finish with exposed grains gives the concrete a natural look. The surfaces are waterproofed in the plant for additional protection from the effects of weather and can therefore be universally used in many locations.