Precast concrete construction in the DNA of MC Prefabbricati

As part of the “2018 Technical Mission to Italy”, a study trip organized by CSG Engineering, the participants from twelve different countries visited MC Prefabbricati, a producer of precast concrete elements for the building construction and civil engineering sector comprising mainly architectural concrete elements with a wide variety of high-quality surfaces.

The corporate identity of MC Prefabbricati, one of the market leaders in the Italian precast concrete industry, is characterized by a highly skilled approach: the company’s claim of “Industrializing Architecture” represents the successful marriage of architectural design and a highly automated manufacturing system.

The corporate group further comprises: M3 Ingegneria to provide an all-inclusive design service and specialized consultancy for all technical solutions in the multi-faceted field of precast applications; Costruzioni Nova to actively invest in the real estate market and to select...

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