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New code of practice on the storage and use of concrete release agents

The code of practice entitled “Technische Ausrüstung für die Lagerung und Anwen-dung von Betontrenn-mitteln” (Technical equipment for the storage and use of concrete release agents) has been fully revised by Work Group 2.3 “Concrete Release Agents” of Deutsche Bauchemie e.V. Complementing the state-of-the-art report “Betontrennmittel und Umwelt” (Concrete Release Agents and the Environment), it is intended to provide information to the expert community and users on the appropriate equipment for handling concrete release agents.

In the first section of the code of practice, the authors describe the requirements placed on storage containers and collecting pans for concrete release agents. They also address the applicable statutory provisions. The following sections describe the details of applying concrete release agents using mobile and stationary spraying equipment, providing recommendations for equipment selection and practical application. The code of practice is complemented by an address list of suppliers and manufacturers of the equipment described.

The code of practice “Technische Ausrüstung für die ­Lagerung und Anwen-dung von Betontrennmitteln” can be ordered at Deutsche Bauchemie’s online shop
( as a print version or downloaded in PDF format.