High performance products with vertical integration

Ratec stands for quality – it is the foundation that has allowed the company to develop into the leading supplier and service provider for the precast concrete industry and that allows it to constantly expand its position. Ratec consistently relies on a high degree of vertical integration and produces its magnetic formwork systems at its own plants in Germany and in the USA.

“This also applies for the magnets that we use and that are built into our magnetic formwork components, because since 2010 the MTK magnet factory in Solingen has been a part of our group of companies after many years of close partnership. In addition to securing a consistently high quality, the focus here is also on strengthening our shared development partnership with which we want to sustainably maintain our leading position on the international market”, emphasizes Jörg Reymann, Managing Director of the Ratec/Reymann Group.

 The MTK magnet factory in Solingen is an internationally active company that focuses on the development and production of permanent magnets for the precast concrete industry, but also for other industrial applications in mechanical and plant engineering, in the automotive sector or in the production of food and beverages. As a result of the permanent further development of the magnet materials that we are familiar with today, MTK is repeatedly coming up with new and interesting approaches for practical applications. In 2017, more than 56,000 neodymium high-performance magnets were produced for formwork components. MTK thus delivers more built-in magnets for the precast concrete industry than any other manufacturer.

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