High-intensity laboratory mixer KKM-RT 15/22,5

The Kniele KKM-RT 15/22,5 combines a high-intensity laboratory mixer with a rheometer that provides the rheological properties of the mix in either relative or absolute units. A mixer probe for moisture analysis and a metering unit for the addition of both liquid and dry components expand the scope of performance and enable automated parametric studies to be conducted on the mixing progress.

Using the well-known, proven mixing method, the Kniele KKM conical mixer produces all types, qualities and quantities of concrete for use in conventional fresh concrete tests, such as the determination of flow consis-tency, slump flow, VDZ funnel, or LCPC box.

Material discharge and cleaning of the mixer

The mix is discharged from the mixer almost completely under the flow of gravity. The geometry of the conical mixer ensures both quick and easy cleaning. After closing the lid, the mixer is simply flushed at high speed.

Mixing tool

To increase the mixing intensity, minor improvements have been made to the tried-and-tested mixing tool of the conical mixer. Short pins have been arranged on the outer edges of the mixing blades which significantly improve and accelerate the disagglomeration of ultrafine materials and the separation of fine fibers.

Operation as a rheometer

Drives and operation as a rheometer (relative measured values): the KKM-RT 15/22,5 features a direct synchronous torque drive for lowest speeds or torques. It can also be used to perform oscillating measurements with quick changes of the direction of rotation.

When used as a rheometer to determine the measured values in absolute units, the KKM-RT 15/22,5 can be operated in speed-controlled mode or torque-controlled mode or perform an oscillating measurement with sinusoidal changes of the direction of rotation.

When operated as a tribometer, the KKM-RT 15/22,5 can be used to test the pumpability of concrete.

In addition, the KKM-RT 15/22,5 is suitable for use with a mixer probe to measure the variable natural moisture content, which allows control and monitoring of the water-binder ratio, and with a camera to monitor the mixing process.