Hardwearing mixer paddles – durable and sustainable

At Detloff, a team of designers, engineers and production staff members optimally complement one another in development and manufacture of hardwearing products. The designers involved creatively develop the suitable geometry, and the engineers draw on many years of experience and the required expertise in selecting the right materials from an extensive range of offerings.

Tools and linings in mineral mixers are usually subject to heavy wear. Hardwearing mixer paddles and agitator tools, linings, scrapers, walls and bottoms are the results of professional development processes. Detloff manufactures hardwearing mixer components in many design varieties. They are adapted to widely used material mixes and have a prolonged service life.

The extremely hardwearing mixer paddles, with a basic hardness of 60 HRc (Rockwell C), are provided with an additional coating, the CC layers (carbide coated), by the use of very hard tungsten carbides. They are embedded in a basic alloy and are vacuum-sintered onto the paddles. The carbides in the protective coating possess hardness ranging from 1500 to far above 2000 Vickers (HV03). This ensures that the paddles from Detloff production, according to the manufacturer, have a service life that by far exceeds that of conventional paddles.

The mixer parts, depending on the intended application and the properties of the constituents to be processed, are additionally protected by soldered-on hard metals (tungsten carbides) in areas especially subject to wear.

For this reason, a wide variety of optimized wear parts is available for various mixer types and mixer brands.

Mixers fitted with hardwearing paddles of this kind offer much longer and more reliable service. The longer service life makes their use extremely economical. They are optionally available with Detloff CC hard-metal coating on hard cast-chrome plating or on composite metal plate. This provides them with an extremely long service life and therefore especially great cost efficiency.

Hardwearing linings

Hardwearing linings are manufactured for many and varied applications. Containers, silos and pipelines can be protected in the same way as screening machines, mixers, driers, crushers and mills. All conceivable plant components can be protected from abrasion and erosion by hardwearing linings. Hardwearing linings of this kind can be manufactured quite individually based on customers’ specific requirements. In addition to extremely hardwearing chrome chill-cast linings, Detloff manufactures linings and complete plant components with extremely high hardwearing A.S.S. composite metal plate. This weld-clad, two-layered metal plate is extremely versatile because it can be proc-essed almost in the same way as normal metal plate, despite its extremely great resistance to wear.

Linings made of industrial ceramic materials, especially aluminum oxide (Al2O3), provide extreme resistance to abrasion. Mixer bottoms and walls, for example, as well as other parts in plants particularly subject to abrasion are afforded outstanding protection by Al2O3.

Additional applications to achieve the desired goals result from such processes as deposition welding, metal spraying, tip brazing of hard metal, and by application of polymer ceramics layers. Additional manufactured products include linings and constructions of commercial tempered sheet plates such as Hardox (SSAB brand name) or case-hardened metal plates. It therefore pays off to use wear-resistant solutions.

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