Fully automated straightening, cutting and ­inserting of longitudinal bars [Video]

For the first time in Europe, Progress Maschinen & Automation installed a fully automated production line for reinforcement cages with automatic feeding of longitudinal bars at the concrete pipe manufacturer Siegfried Röser.

 At first glance it is a relatively straightforward interference into the existing reinforcement production proc-ess at Siegfried Röser GmbH & Co. KG, manufacturer of pipes, manholes and special products for the civil engineering sector; the effect, however, is remarkable: In October 2017, Wilfried Röser, Managing Director of the family-run concrete plant based in Mittelfischach, had a new ESR 12 machine installed for straightening and cutting of wire for the longitudinal reinforcement and had the present VTA 160 cage welding machine automated; in addition, he had the VTA 160 supplemented by an attachment for ...

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Siegfried Röser – the company
In 2016, Siegfried Röser GmbH & Co. KG celebrated their 60th anniversary since the foundation in 1956. The family-run concrete plant is located in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in Mittelfischach, about 72 km north east of Stuttgart.
On the factory premises covering 30,000 m² including a shop floor of now about 10,000 m², Siegfried Röser GmbH & Co. KG manufacturers reinforced concrete pipes and special fittings, manhole bases, rebated joints and socket joints, the company‘s own development Röser Expert manhole system introduced in 2010 with monolithic manhole base, hydrant shafts, concrete pipes, and silage effluent tanks. The business segment of pipes and manholes accounts for 85 % of the annual sales, 15 % account for the business segment of cisterns and silage effluent tanks. According to the Managing Director Wilfried Röser, about 50,000 tons of concrete are used in the production per year. The products are supplied to customers within a common radius of about 100 km around the factory in Mittelfischach.
Today, Siegfried Röser GmbH & Co. KG has a workforce of 45 people, with 25 working in the production. This also includes three apprentices who are trained by the company at present.
Scan the QR code and watch the video about the ESR 12 straightening und cutting machine and the VTA 160 cage-welding machine at Siegfried Röser GmbH & Co. KG.